BUS SHELTER MURALING: Artists on the project


Dozer Art

Crick Lont is creator of Dozer Art, has been pushing the envelope of creativity and bringing the world his expressions and thoughts, in a stylistic manner that has awed audiences across the country. With collaborations including local and global artists, He has created a platform for his art and has used this as a means to help other artists get recognition for their talent. Dozer Art has made it a mission to bring art to the world and help artists alike, have a chance to be seen.


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Angelina Villalobos

The mental inspiration for my body of work is Folklore; stories humans have created and collected to explain the unknown. Tales about animals and their wit especially peek my interest. Religion is also another way humans have used to explain what they don’t understand.IMG_2109

The visual inspiration my work pulls from include Mexican Folk, Mesoamerican, Pacific Northwest Native American, and Japanese art. These are then filtered through the eyes of an anime and comic book lover.